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KALAKADU is Situated in area of 223sq. Kms. GANG OF ELEPHANTS IN KALAKADU RESERVE in Ambasamudram Taluk, including the foothills of western Ghats and adjoining area. The flora ranges from forests of tropical wet evergreen to tropical dry deciduous and thorn forest at Macaque and common Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Sambar, Sloth, Bear, Gaur, Elephant, Tiger, Flying Squirrel, Panther, Wild Dog, Pangoline are some of the wild life seen in this sanctuary. Besides, a wide range of birds and reptiles could be seen. Trekking is allowed with the prior permission from the officials of forest (Wildlife) department. Accommodation is available at Forest Rest House at Sengaltheri with catering facilities. Season: September to March.

MUNDANDURAI There is nothing to differentiate this sanctuary from that of Kalakkadu, TIGER IN MUNDANDURAI RESERVE except the absence of the Elephant and Gaur situated in the Ambasamudram taluk, this is 567 Sq. Kms. Sanctuary boasts of dry deciduous to tropical wet evergreen forests with patches of pure reeds. Animal wealth includes Tiger, Bonet macaque, Langurs, Glender Loris, Sloth Bear, Sambhar, Chital, wild Dog. Excellent for various species of avi fauna and varieties of reptiles and insects. Trekking trails are with prior permission from the Forest (Wildlife) department. Accommodation is available in Forest Rest House at Mundathurai with catering facilities and PWD Rest House at Ambasamudram. It is a scenic beauty on the way to Upper Kodaiyar. It is a beautiful picnic spot worth visiting. GO TO TOP

UPPER KODAIYAR located on the Southern most tip of the Western UPPER KODAIYAR RESERVOIR Ghats bordering Kerala. It is a beautiful area where nature is at its best with verdant forests. Tea, Rubber and Cardamom are grown here on a large scale. Manjolai is the best known place here. Kakachi, Nalumukku, Kuthiraiyerr, Oothu are important locals where one can have beautiful panoramic view. A mini Golf Course is also available here.

KARAIYAR You can go A TOP VIEW OF VAANATHEERTHAM boating for a half an hour and reach the Vaanatheertham (mispoken as Baanatheertham) in the Karaiyar dam. It is an excellent health, famous waterfalls are said to have mineral properties. Bathing in this waterfalls is considered good for both mind and body. It is a big tourist attraction and is visited by young and old alike, because of the herbal medicinal properties the water is believed to contain. GO TO TOP

AGASTIYAR FALLS PAPANASAM Papanasam Falls, popularly called "Agastiyar Falls" is on the banks of river Thamirabarani. It is said that God Siva and Goddess Parvathi appeared before the great saint Agastiyar, nearby and, to commemorate the event Agastiyar temple was built here. This waterfall which is believed to absolve all sins from people who bathe in it has made Papanasam (meaning absolution of sins) an important pilgrim center.

A TOP VIEW OF MANJOLAI TEA ESTATE MANJOLAI is a scenic beauty on the way to upper Kodaiyar. It is also a beautiful picnic spot worth visiting.

PATTAMADAI The ancestral village in Tirunelveli district, is famous for its beautiful KORAI MATS. In the olden days it was considered prestigious to include a couple of these mats in a wedding collection. Woven from Korai gross growing on the A WOVEN MAT banks of the river Thamirabarani and it is said that the smoothness of the mats depends on how finely the Korai is split. So exquisitely fine is the weave of the finest of mats that it can be slipped into a pocket folded like a handkerchief. Old Craftsmen will tell you with pride that it was a finely textured pattamadai mat that was chosen in 1947 as India's wedding gift to Queen ELIZABETH (2). Mostly Muslims who weaves these mats. This is also the birth place of Swami Sivanantha, the Saint and Philosopher. A hospital is run by Sivanantha Trust which is clean, well equipped and well kept. GO TO TOP